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Hank on TV pirates is growing

Hank about the suspected Malmö company illegally sold the TV channels on in both Sweden and abroad will grow. The investigation will now actively seek out additional TV company, which means that compensation claims are likely to rise sharply. The sum is already running at 200 million.

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So far, it has three TV companies - DIVA Medya Hizmetleri Limited, Bein Media Group LLC and ART - Police notified Malmö company. The first two companies require 200 million in damages . ART has not yet specified any amount.

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2,000 channels

angry customers

The whole day is distraught and angry customers who purchased ATN boxes continue to hear from our editorial staff with questions about what they can do and when broadcasts can get started again. According to unconfirmed information to SVT News Skane there are plans to launch the broadcasts again on Monday with the channels that are licensed or who is free - this time from Holland.

- And that moving abroad does not necessarily mean something purely legal. There are several related reasons than that the events occurring in Sweden. This is about a Swedish company that is run by people who live here. It may be enough that there should still be a matter for the Swedish judicial system, even if you move the broadcasts overseas.

- Legally, there is nothing that is free, he says.

- Even if the channel does not cost anything to look, it is still someone who owns the rights to it and therefore can not forward it anyway. The owner of the channel has exclusive rights to it.

complicated investigation

This means that Malmö The company must demonstrate that it has a license to broadcast on all channels available in their range, which concerns a few thousand.

How long this police investigation will take Henrik Rasmusson can not answer, but the case of a major investigation.

- We have seized large volumes of material in servers and computers that we have to go through, he says.

- We also need to get a handle on how the technology works. And in the worst cases take a very long time.

The technique decisive

And the technology is absolutely crucial because if customers have committed crimes or not.

- In the case of a signal only streamed, so it is not a crime, says Henrik Rasmusson.

- But if it is to decode the signal so it can be in a different position.

But anyone who bought a box have not been able to suspect that all was not right?

- No, and that's the next step, says Henrik Rasmusson.

- There has probably been no intent and therefore can not prove the crime. The customer has acted in good faith, but we must at least investigate.

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