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ATN Stopped Working


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Published by the Swedish police earlier in the day and closed Atna Network customers angry. digital network systems provide a number of free TV channels in the country the opportunity to watch television channels in Turkey, including the Middle East, he abandoned selling the company's customers. Some angry customers expressed their grievances in their statement to the Swedish media.

Easybox TV box - nr 1 IPTV box in USA, Canada, UK and Australia
Easybox TV is one of the top 3 IPTV boxes.

"We did not know it was illegal"

2 weeks ago an elderly couple bought a box 3 box from the company said that they paid a thousand crowns. elderly couple stated that they are unaware when an illegal situation, "they promised to give us 7/24 technical support, but now they do not even answer the phone," he said.

On the other hand, some angry customers Atna Network gathered in front of the head office in Malmö and learned to react to the company.

He was doing the broadcasting thousands of channels

ATN network launched by the company that was doing the broadcast TV Boxes of thousands of television channels, including Turkey. Turks living in Sweden and Denmark, Kurdish, Arab, Pakistani, Indian and Somali origin, were among many people customers.

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