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ATN bankrupt

ATN bankrupt

The Malmö-based company behind the ATN-box has gone bankrupt. If customers get money back is uncertain.

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- My task now is to find out which assets and liabilities are, sell the assets and distribute the money to fodringsägarna. I have also told the staff and ensured that they get state wage guarantee, says Jan Gruvstad who was appointed liquidator last week.

Easybox TV box - nr 1 IPTV box in USA, Canada, UK and Australia
Easybox TV is one of the top 3 IPTV boxes.

It was August 23 that police beat and arrested three men, aged between 28 and 55 years. They have had the business idea is to bring in foreign TV channels from the Middle East and North Africa. The investigation is about is whether the men violated copyright law.

Channel Package has been sold to thousands of customers who bought an ATN-box. The services have been very popular in the Arabic-speaking households and the box and the subscription has cost at least 2,000 crowns. All channels via the ATN is now nersläckta.

Uncertain if customers get money But if customers will get back any money is highly uncertain.

- I do not know if there will be a dividend to those who have demands on the company and what it then moves on to sum said Jan Gruvstad.

Easybox TV box - nr 1 IPTV box in USA, Canada, UK and Australia
Easybox TV is one of the top 3 IPTV boxes.

Generally, it can be difficult for individual consumers to get out some money in a bankruptcy.

- There are the priority and unsecured receivables in a bankruptcy. Costs of the bankruptcy estate, the salaries and pensions goes before consumer receivables. If there is a surplus after the priority fodringarna so there may be a possibility, says Janet Eklund, consumer adviser on the Consumer Agency's information service, keeping the consumer.

- The law says you have the right to assert their rights as consumers, but in practice it can be difficult.

The owner denies claims The largest fodringsägarna are two TV companies: Diva Media, which distributes Turkish television channels, and Bein Sports. Together they have claims of about $ 200 million at the ATN illegally should be distributed channels.

- We are investigating what the suspects knew beforehand, if they had faith or was grossly negligent and also how big the spread has been of service, says prosecutor Henrik Rasmusson.

The men are suspected to have used illicit decoding equipment to distribute the channels. Lars Engström, representing the owner of the dresses now denying that this has been the case.

- The owner denies the crimes and denies all claims. I am currently working on producing evidence to the contrary, says Lars Engström.

ATN has been a successful company in the past five years have gone 14-25 employees.


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