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Swedish police raid on the ATN Network!

According to the Swedish State Television SVT Malmö Police raided yesterday morning IP TV broadcasters ATN network companies, ages 28 and 3 people were detained ranging from 55 to six.

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According to reports in the CVT 3 people taken into custody, bundling together the TV channels from the Middle East and North Africa, channels without paying the copyright, is accused of selling pirated way to the end user.

Prosecutors told SVT Henrik Rasmusson, behind the scenes the pressure told. Rasmusson, ATN from the network 's a site that supplied the TV channels, the name announced by smoking a TV channel on the complaint on the grounds pirates monitored the status of the site management took place on the report to the police.

The company in recent years that the annual turnover of 50 million Swedish Krona reported that prosecutors Rasmusson, the company without paying copyright since the last months of 2013, piracy was doing and ATN told Network, they estimated that the subscriber is around 100 thousand.

located thousands of subscribers in Denmark Denmark Network ATN Sallingevej 24, it was observed that the office was closed at 2720 Vanløse, do not reach the ATN Network Danish authorities.

In the process the aftermath of the raid was seen as the work of ATN TV channel is located, any information on what time of the channels will start broadcasting again not shared.

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