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ATN boxes - this has happened so far

It's been almost a week ago, police raided the company behind ATN box in Malmo. This has happened:

Tuesday, August 23

Police raided a company in Malmo and arrested three people. They were suspected of copyright infringement. The company's mission is to bring in foreign TV channels from the Middle East and North Africa, and package and distribute them to private customers. About 20 police vehicles took part in the raid that went peacefully, according to a witness.

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Wednesday, August 24

Malmo Company TV subscriptions sold through a box with the name of ATN. There are popular channels that are hard to get through the Swedish distributors. The case of sports, entertainment and news. The channels are important for people with family and relatives left in other countries, said Mohamed Qadoura, one of the victims , to SVT News Skane. - Especially when there is war and unrest in the Middle East, we need a lot of information. The thousands of customers was both surprised and irritated after the shutdown. Many did not understand what happened. Some turned to ATN shop in Malmö while others are themselves trying to fix the problem.

Thursday, August 25

Three foreign TV companies have been reported to the police Malmö company. Their claims are in excess of 200 million , revealed prosecutor Henrik Rasmusson: - To drive the type of business you have to have permission from each channel to retransmit. I would say that it concerns almost 2,000 television channels that the company has sent out, he said.

Saturday, August 27

This weekend commented on the company behind ATN box for the first time criminal suspicions in the media: - We may have made one or two mistakes, but for most of our channels, we have permission, said a member of the owner family to SVT News Skane. He also said that television broadcasts will soon start again with the help of secret partner abroad. - Within ten days of the consignments shall be running again on television boxes ATN, he promised.

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